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It's time to take a trip down 90s nostalgia lane. This week Naomi and I talk about Disturbing Behavior (a.k.a Stepford Teens). We were a little tipsy when we recorded this one, especially me, which is why editing took me a few (six) extra days. Sorry guys. Maybe we'll release some of the extra slurry cuts on Patreon. :)

Where can you watch Disturbing Behavior?
Amazon (Rental, Starz)

Drinking game (optional, of course):
  1. Red eyes
  2. Scenes in the yogurt shop
  3. Someone dies
  4. Gavin or UV talk about or smoke weed
  5. Someone mentions the Blue Ribbons (chugging or shotgunning a PBR optional)
  6. The janitor gets upset about rats
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