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Hey guys! After a short hiatus, we're back! In this extra special (and long) episode, we talk about Paranormal Activity 3. We also chat a bit about Shudder's new documentary Horror Noire, The Prodigy, Room 237, Thor, Inglourious Basterds...and of course Naomi's horsey show.

Note: We had some technical difficulties this time around, and we didn't realize until the recording was done that Rich's track has some popping/cracking noises. We promise to double, triple and quadruple test next time. Sorry guys. :(

Naomi's Drinking Game
  1. Christy talks to Toby.
  2. Julie refuses to believe something.
  3. Someone or something jumps at the camera.
  4. Toby attacks Katie.
  5. Someone dies.
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