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This week we talk about Creepshow, the horror anthology classic directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King.

Where can you watch Creepshow?
Amazon (Rental)

What else did we watch?
  1. The Killing
  2. Helix
  3. Westworld
  4. Spirited Away
  5. Kiki's Delivery Service
  6. Hereditary
Drinking game (broken down by segment):
Father's Day
  1. The dad says "I want my Father's Day cake" or some variation of wanting his cake.
  2. Someone dies.
The Lonesome Death of Jordie Verrill
  1. Jordy says "You've done it this time, Jordy Verrill".
  2. Jordy imagines stuff that could happen.
  3. Someone dies.
Something to Tide You Over
  1. "Harry" or "Richard" is said. (Pick one, or you may die).
  2. Someone dies.
The Crate
  1. Wilma says "Call me Billie, everyone does."
  2. Wilma says "What would he do without me?"
  3. Someone dies.
They're Creeping Up On You
  1. Upson Pratt says that he has a "bug problem".
  2. The phone rings.
  3. When a cockroach is sprayed or stepped on. (This one could be dangerous).
  4. Someone dies.
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